A Business Card is in fact…a gift

Chappelsons - front

Chappelsons – Business Card

When someone gives you a business card they are in point of fact, giving you a gift. For contained in that little rectangle is information that could yield business, solve a problem and add to your network of contacts.

Yet how many times have you gone back to the office and stuffed all but the juicy ones into the back of a drawer somewhere? I know I have.

But here’s the deal – never underestimate the value of a business card or the bearer of it. The “professional” networker is fully aware of the potential of that gift and will ensure it is dealt with to maximum effect. This applies not only at a meeting but also in general business communications.
Here are some additional tips on good business card etiquette:

  • Never leave home without them
  • When receiving a card record the event and the date as a memory jogger
  • When you give one, ask for one back
  • Be generous – these are fantastic hand held advertisements for your business
  • Insert a business card in all outgoing correspondence

Oh and one last thing; avoid cards with statements on the back that proudly state that they were obtained FREE from a certain website, this is essentially a subtext for “I hope this business works but if it doesn’t at least I didn’t shell out on business cards”.

Your card may be the first gift you give to a contact – make sure it’s not the last.